Season One Recap

In the Summer of 1987, two teenage girls moved into their first apartment. In the Spring of 2017, I was introduced to them. And, I laughed so hard I may have peed a little…or maybe not. How can one describe The Karen and Ellen Letters? It’s a lot like describing avocado air. The letters will linger with you, haunt your senses and make you wonder what is happening. In other words, as Josh Hallmark, the creator and podcast host says, “Trust me, you’ll love it.”

If you have not listened to season one….I’m not sure why you are here. You really need to go start listening. If you are too lazy to do that, please, allow me to give you the quick details.

Karen and Ellen move into an apartment leased by their new landlord, Mark. Karen begins writing a series of letters to Mark regarding issues and needs she has with her new place. Since Karen has, clearly, never lived on her own before, her listed items tend to be a bit ridiculous (I can only imagine if Karen had text messaging; she would be sending her lists in all emojis and caps lock). Mark as the landlord, must respond to her requests and give direction. When Ellen arrives, she too begins corresponding with Mark. Over time, we begin to learn more about Mark and the girls and see glimpses into their personalities. Both girls are in college. Ellen is an art student. Karen dates Rob. Fish are washed. Someone comes from money. People receive free firewood. Mark is OVER it all. Especially when Karen decides she wants to haggle over the rent and gets her boyfriend, Rob, involved – I mean, Rob is really smart and is considering going to law school at Toughs University. The legal “battle” might not have gotten so ugly had the jurisdiction just been more clearly defined. Karen and Rob get married and head off on a fabulous honeymoon in Italy. Ellen has a deep emotional conversation with Mark. And, eventually, the girls move out of the apartment. However, Ellen keeps Mark up to date on how they are fairing. (Mark must be thrilled he owns property and not a Christmas Tree Farm.) And, there are security deposit reimbursements (as well as deductions) to be made.

Freshly Washed Fish
BRB! Washing my fish!

In addition to the letters, the listeners also follow the journey to authenticate them. Where did the letters originate? Are these girls for real? Is this a huge prank? The girls are so endearing and comical and dare I say, clueless? How can they actually exist? Can you really use a leg of lamb to break a freezer door? What about Mark? Is the snarky, exasperated landlord just a figment of someone’s imagination? Josh takes us down the rabbit hole and begins to explore the fact from the fiction. Lots of questions are asked. Some are answered. And so, in the end, we are left wondering have Mark, Karen, Ellen and Rob been found? Who are they? Where are they now?

I’m excitedly waiting for more information, after show drinks, and hopefully, lots of 80’s music in season 2. This story is practically too good to be true even if it could have happened to anyone but, this tale only happened on The Karen and Ellen Letters!

Love and Avocados!